Sunday, April 1, 2007

My First Post

Today is that one fine day where I just landed into the blogging arena. I just thought it would be good container to pour in the knowledge and also enhance my ability to present about whatever I read ,learn, experience in my own simple understanding.

Let me start with explaining little bit about my blog title .

Quality Everywhere ... Yes practically Quality is Everywhere.

We all perceive Quality in our daily lives . Quality is something definitely we always look for , Isn't it ?? Being in any context. We want good quality food, quality clothes to wear , quality music, quality house , good quality roads to make our life little simpler , good Car, TV, mobile and on the top of all we all yearn for Good Quality Lives .

So, Quality as dictionary meaning goes is " Degree of excellence" or "Fitness for use " . In simple terms it's a perception of the degree in meeting our requirements. It's like -Quality is something to be desired.

Let me cite here few Quality Definitions as interpreted by some of the Quality Gurus' :

a) "Degree to which a set of inherent characteristic fulfils requirements" as ISO 9000
b) "Conformance to requirements" (Philip B. Crosby in the 1980s).
c) "Fitness for use" (Joseph M. Juran). Fitness is defined by the customer.

So, Quality find its way everywhere !!

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